Purpose of this Page: Exposing Terry Gilder and Themco!

This Page is to Expose the LIES and FRAUD of Terry Gilder and THEMCO EKF
THEMCO EKF is a Ponzi scheme started by Terry Gilder, a serial conman. He has duped thousands of “shareholders” into handing over parts of their life-savings for the promise of unimaginable returns.

However, some of these people have now become his henchmen.

Since Terry Gilder’s plans have gone awry, he is spinning a story on his victims claiming that their funds are being illegally held. This is simply not true.

Terry Gilder’s funds are being held by court order, this conman is not above the law.

Some of Terry Gilder’s victims are harassing and attacking anyone that Terry Gilder tells them is responsible for their situation. This is unacceptable.If you are involved with Terry Gilder and THEMCO EKF’s harassment of innocent individuals, your actions will not be tolerated and you will be exposed.

This means if you are:

Harassing or threatening individuals
Intimidating by threats of violence
Defaming or slandering individuals
Uttering threats of death or bodily harm; or
Engaging in any form of criminal activity

your actions will not be tolerated and you will be exposed.

Cease and desist or there will be serious legal consequences.

More to come, stay tuned…